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In my home town on November 11 of 2016 (11/11) I was in a car accident that should have been fatal for me. We were doing 70 on the highway and a car came across head on with no lights on. We collided at full speed and I had NO seatbelt on. I crashed through the windshield. Somehow I was able to get up and go check on the other two passengers. They were in bad shape. The fire department just so happened to be across the highway so they were there in minutes. When they arrived I could hear them whispering . "DO YOU SEE THAT WINDOW". "HOW IS HE UP WALKING?'. They immediately made me get on a stretcher. When I Got to the hospital I had glass in my hair, with no cuts, no bruises or bones broken. It was if I had a bubble wrapped around me. I didn't but I did have my Tigers Eye and Amethyst with me. During the time after I started making stone protection jewelry for myself. Which turned into a business and became a storefront seller in multiple establishments. Helped heal lots of people with the energy of stones and herbs. So in my town I got the nickname.


Doctor Stone


Let Doctor Stone change your life direction with knowledge from the esoteric. Personal Growth Decisions, Sex Life Help, Investments, Relationships are all on the table for change if you want it.
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Get Quality stones and herbs to change your energy and health for the best. Consultations available for all areas of help needed. In some cases of emergency you may need to consult your physician first.
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Doctor Stone, EH

Introducing Doctor Stone Energy Healing - the premier destination for restoring your mind, body, and soul. Our team of expert healers uses the power of energy to help you achieve optimal wellness and unlock your full potential.

At Doctor Stone Energy Healing, we believe that energy is the key to true healing. Using a combination of ancient techniques and modern technology, we channel positive energy to help our clients overcome a wide range of physical and emotional ailments.

Whether you're struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, or simply feeling drained and out of balance, we can help. Our customized healing sessions are tailored to your unique needs, and our experienced healers work with you every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Our services include Reiki, chakra balancing, crystal healing, and more. We also offer remote healing sessions for those who cannot visit us in person. With Doctor Stone Energy Healing, you can experience deep relaxation, renewed energy, and a sense of inner peace.

Experience the power of energy healing with Doctor Stone Energy Healing. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you!

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Some of the many people Doctor Stone has helped greatly along the way.
Hailey K
Doctor Stone gave me the best straight forward advice on which path to take about my relationships and career. Amazing results!!!
Jenni F
My intimate side of life was out of wack. Doc Stone helped me get back on track. Stones and herbs are powerful tools when taught how to use them properly.
Ashley H
Doctor Stone made me the most perfect amulet to attract what I desire in people and experiences. OMG I cannot thank him enough!!!
Zach M
Doctor Stone is helping me attract the right things at the perfect time. My finances were so off track before my first full consultation. Don't do it alone. We have help here for a reason!