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Let Doctor Stone change your life direction with knowledge from the esoteric. Sex Life, Investments, Relationships are all on the table for change if you want it.
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Crystal Healing & Herbal Remedies

Herbs & Body Care

Get Quality stones and herbs to change your energy and health for the best. Consultations available for all areas of help needed. In some cases of emergency you may need to consult your physician first.
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Rare Stones & Meteorites

Visit our shop for the best relics and treasures we have come across. Art, Jewelry etc...
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Doctor Stone

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Some of the many people Doctor Stone has helped greatly along the way.
Hailey K
Doctor Stone gave me the best straight forward advice on which path to take about my relationships and career. Amazing results!!!
Jenni F
My intimate side of life was out of wack. Doc Stone helped me get back on track. Stones and herbs are powerful tools when taught how to use them properly.
Ashley H
Doctor Stone made me the most perfect amulet to attract what I desire in people and experiences. OMG I cannot thank him enough!!!
Zach M
Doctor Stone is helping me attract the right things at the perfect time. My finances were so off track before my first full consultation. Don't do it alone. We have help here for a reason!